Term 4

What’s on in Term 4?
Welcome to ‘What’s On’ for Term 4 2017.

How time flies when you’re having fun, can you believe its Term 4 already? As the year has progressed the children have not only come leaps and bounds in their learning but also in their independence and understanding of school life.

We look forward to Term 4 as we continue to learn and grow together.

 Inquiry Learning

Our Inquiry Learning Unit for Term 4 is called ‘My Family History’. During this unit students will be exploring their own family unit and looking at the range of different types of family structures. We will be reading a lot of books and working closely with families to explore children’s own family history.  


In maths this term we will be extending our work on numbers by exploring subtraction, sharing and money. In measurement we will continue to explore the concepts of length and time through hands on learning experiences.

We will continue to work in a range of maths groups targeting student point of need to further develop their current maths knowledge. We aim to keep our activities in maths as open ended as possible, catering for children who need to be both supported and extended.


Throughout Term 4, students will continue to develop their reading skills through a range of literacy rotations. The students will be exposed to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will continue to develop our goal setting language through our writing goals. In writing, we will be exploring narratives by looking at characters, setting, the problem and solution. Children will plan and write their own stories.


We will continue to visit the Library every week. Please remember that if students don’t have a library bag they will not be able to borrow.


Our swimming program runs for two weeks in Term 4. We will require some parent helpers for this and will email parents information during the term. Please prepare your child for swimming by encouraging them to dry and dress themselves after a shower/bath as this will be the expectation at the pool. 


Thursday 26th October                                                            Whole School Spelling Bee
Thursday 26th October                                                            Family Maths Night (6.00-7.30pm)
Tuesday 7st November                                                            Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Saturday 11th November                                                         School Fair
Monday 20th November                                                           Swimming Program Commences                                
Wednesday 13th December                                                     End of Year Concert
Wednesday 13th December                                                     Team Building Incursion
Tuesday 19th December                                                         Bill Cart Incursion
Tuesday 22th December                                                          Last day of school, 1:30 finish.

As always, some of these events may be subject to change. Your classroom teacher (as well as the school newsletter) will keep you up to date should any changes be made.